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The World’s most advanced and effective self-defence & modern Multi-Style System.
Originally developed and formed by a group of high ranking and expert martial arts instructors and researchers to combined their knowledge and wisdom to create the most advanced and effective self-defence & modern martial arts system.
We are primarily interested in developing the necessary skills to prevail as a victor in combat situation…

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Who We Are

MMA is an International Organization for Maiwand Martial Arts combat Systems. Maiwand Martial Arts is the most well known combat mechanism throughout the UK. Affiliated by WAK, the worlds largest martial arts association, which is acknowledged in over 110 countries.


  • Nuncha-Ku
  • Stick-Combat
  • Board-Sword
  • Long-Stick Staff

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  • Kick-Boxing
  • Padwork Drill
  • Combat Training
  • MMA Training 

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  • Take-Down Drills
  • Knife Defence
  • Empty Hands Drills
  • Defensive/Offensive drills

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Self Control – emotion – knowledge – CONFIDENCE


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